Christian McGuire - Owner
Christian competed in Team Policy debate for four years. He has taken multiple top awards at various tournaments, including the top speaker and team award at the Modesto Candy Cane Classic in his last year and twice competing far into outrounds at nationals. He has also been recognized many times for his research. During the 2012-2013 season, he was the official director of the Clash debate club's research team. Christian enjoys flowers, candlelight dinners, and moonlit walks by the beach. He is also single.

Paul Rose
Paul comes from a family of debaters. Since five of his older siblings had already competed in speech and debate, Paul had no trouble taking on the world of forensics. He is a two-time national champion in Team Policy Debate, winning the STOA National Invitational Tournament in San Diego in 2011, and again in Colorado Springs, CO in 2012.
He is also a seasoned researcher, directing the Clash debate club research team, the Clash Evidence Pool, in 2012. With over four years' experience as a debate instructor, Paul has helped numerous students improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills and place among the top teams at many tournaments. Beyond the world of speech and debate, Paul enjoys baseball, writing music, and spending time with his family and friends.

Caleb Pena
Caleb is a 17-year old alumnus of Stoa speech and debate, where he competed in Team Policy for 4 years and Parliamentary debate for 1 year. When he's not researching or scanning the latest copy of the New York Times, you can probably find him engaging in a discussion about the costs and benefits of immigration, international sanctions, the electoral college, etc.

Alison Lindsay
Alison is very excited to kick off her third year of TP. Over the last 48 months, she and her partner Susanna have garnered a total of 9 green checkmarks in TP, gone 6-0 three times, won one tournament, and placed in the top four at three other tournaments, including taking 2nd place at her first qualifier. In acknowledgment of her researching prowess, her club voted her Best Researcher for the 2012-2013 season. She's worked for a sourcebook from the very beginning of her debate career and is honored to join Elite's team.

Joe Munson
Joe is going into his fourth year of debate. He has met success at both the state and national level, winning tournaments in Oregon and his home state of Washington and qualifying for nationals twice.

Debate has been one of the top highlights of Joe's high school experience, and he is excited to stay involved in the debate community, and continue to help out at his debate club and get more people involved in Stoa debate.

Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith is in his 5th and final year of Debate. He is both a student and coach at Verve Debate Club in Washington. Grayson has won 3 debate tournaments, and has achieved top placings at many other tournaments. At Nationals, he has placed in the top 20 Debate teams 4 times, placing 4th twice.

Amos Chapman
Amos is an 19 year-old from Keller, TX and Team Policy Coach at Speak Out North TX. He competed in forensics for six years, placing second in parliamentary debate, third in policy debate, and third in impromptu speaking at the national championship. He has also won ten debate qualifying tournaments in his last three years.
Emily Hoel
Emily Hoel has been around Stoa speech and debate for the majority of her life, attending tournaments with her older siblings, and then transitioning into competition. She is in the process of completing her 5th year of debate, and has won multiple speaker and team awards over the years, including top speaker and top team at the Pt Loma Classic 2014. Although this is her last year of competition, she plans to be around for many years to come, coaching her younger siblings.